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Key: * corresponding author,  shared authorship, undergraduate author

Since Joining the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University

[1]        M(TEIM) Complexes with M as CO and Fe: Analogues of classic M(TIM)

             J.R. Roos, P. Gautam, M.P. Martin, L.R. Segura, A.T. Poore, S. Tian, A.E. Adeniyi, J.L. Andrews, T. Ren

             Polyhedron, Just Accepted

Prior to Joining the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University

[49]  Electrochemical storage incorporating size- and morphology-controlled metastable vanadium pentoxide as a cathode material for ion batteries

            S. Banerjee, J.L. Andrews, A. Parija, LRDJ Baez

            US Patent 11,990,613

            [Link to patent]

[48]   Synthesis of a metastable vanadium pentoxide as a cathode material for ion batteries  

            S. Banerjee, J.L. Andrews 

            US Patent 11,870,067

            [Link to patent]

[47]   Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution mechanisms mediated by stereoactive lone pairs of Sb2VO5 in quantum dot heterostructures  

            W. Zaheer, C.R. McGranahan, J.R. Ayala, K. Garcia-Pedraza, L.J. Carrillo, A.R.M. Rothfuss, U. Wijethunga, G. Agbeworvi, A.R. Giem, J.L. Andrews,

            J.V. Handy, S. Perez-Beltran, R. Calderon-Oliver, L. Ma, S.N. Ehrlich, C. Jaye, C. Weiland, D.A. Fischer, D.F. Watson, S. Banerjee 

            Chem Catalysis, 2024, 4, Just Published

            [Link to paper]

[46]   Cooperative interactions with water drive hysteresis in a hydrophilic metal-organic framework

            J.J. Oppenheim, C.-H. Ho, D. Alezi, J.L. Andrews, T. Chen, B. Dinakar, F. Paesani, M. Dincǎ 

            Chemistry of Materials, 2024, 36, 3395-3404. 

            [Link to paper]

[45]   A Solid Zn-Ion Conductor from an All-Zinc Metal-Organic Framework Replete with Mobile Zn2+ Cations 

            A. Illiescu, J.L. Andrews, J.J. Oppenheim, M. Dincǎ 

            Chemistry of Materials, 2023, 145, 259623-25965.

            [Link to paper]

[44]   Effect of stereochemically active electron lone pairs on magnetic ordering in trivanadates

            G. Agbeworvi, W. Zaheer, J.D. Ponis, J.V. Handy, J.R. Ayala, J.L. Andrews, P. Schofield, C. Jaye, C. Weiland, D.A. Fischer, S. Banerjee

            Inorganic Chemistry, 2023, 62, 12965-12975.

            [Link to paper]

[43]    Toggling stereochemical activity through interstitial positioning of cations between 2D V2O5 double layers 

            G. Agbeworvi, W. Zaheer, J.V. Handy, J.L. Andrews, S. Perez-Beltran, C. Jaye, C. Weiland, D.A. Fischer, P. Balbuena,

            S. Banerjee.

            Chemistry of Materials, 2023, 35, 7175-7188

            [Link to paper]

[42]     Solid-state investigation, storage, and separation of pyrophoric PH3 and P2H4 with α-Mg Formate

A. Widera, D. Thöny, M. Aebli, J.J. Oppenheim, J.L. Andrews, F. Eiler, M. Wörle, H. Schönberg, N. Weferling, M. Dincǎ, H. Grützmacher

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62, e202217534

[Link to paper]

[41]     Topochemical stabilization and transformations of single-crystals of metastable 2D γ′-V2O5: Atomic-resolution mapping of lithium


J.V. Handy, J.L. Andrews, B. Zhang†, D. Kim, N. Bhuvanesh, Q. Tu, X. Qian, S. Banerjee

Cell Reports Physical Science, 2022, 3, 100712.

[Link to paper]


[40]     Data science enables X-ray vision [Highlights Article]

D.A. Santos*, B. Lin*, J.L. Andrews*

Patterns, 2022, 3, 100660

[Link to paper]

[39]     Multivariate hyperspectral data analytics across length scales to probe compositional, phase, and strain heterogeneities in

electrode materials

D.A. Santos, J.L. Andrews, B. Lin, L.R. De Jesus, S. Pas, M.A. Gross, L. Carillo, P. Stein, Y. Ding, B.-X. Xu, S. Banerjee. 21.25

Patterns, 2022, 3, 100634.

[Link to paper]


[38]     Teaching MOFs to conduct: Ionic and electronic conductivity in metal—organic frameworks [Review Article]

R. Kharod, J.L. Andrews, M. Dincă

Annual Reviews of Materials Research, 2022, 52, 103-128.

[Link to paper]


[37]     Pyrogallate-based metal-organic framework with a two-dimensional secondary building unit

S. Kampouri, M. Zhang, T. Chen, J.J. Oppenheim, A. Brown, M. Payne, J.L. Andrews,  J. Sun, M. Dincă

Angewandte Chemie, 2022, 61, e202213960

[Link to paper]

[36]     Doping-induced pre-transformation to extended solid-solution regimes in Li-ion batteries

P. Schofield, Y. Luo, D. Zhang, W. Zaheer, D.A. Santos, G. Agbeworvi, J. Ponis, J.V. Handy, J.L. Andrews, E.J. Braham, A. Balakrishna, S. Banerjee

ACS Energy Letters, 2022, 7, 3286-3292.

[Link to paper]


[35]     Decoupling the metal—insulator transition temperature and hysteresis of VO2 using Ge alloying and oxygen vacancies

P. Schofield, E.J. Braham, B. Zhang, J.L. Andrews, H.K. Drozdick, X. Zhao, W. Zaheer, R.M. Gurrola, K. Xie, P.J. Shamberger, X. Qian, S. Banerjee

Chemical Communications, 2022, 58, 6586-6589.                         

[Link to paper]


[34]     A “Li-Eye” View of Diffusion Pathways in a 2D Intercalation Material from Topochemical Single-Crystal Transformation

J.V., Handy, J.L. Andrews, S. Perez-Beltran, D. Powell, R. Albers, L. Whittaker-Brooks, N. Bhuvanesh, S. Banerjee

ACS Energy Letters, 2022, 7, 1960-1962.

[Link to paper]


[33]     Lone but not alone: Precise positioning of lone pairs for the design of photocatalytic architectures [Review Article]

J.V. Handy, W. Zaheer, W. A. Rothfuss, C. McGranahan, G. Agbeworvi, J.L. Andrews, K. Garcia-Pedraza, J. Ponis, J. Ayala, D. Yu, D. Watson, S. Banerjee

Chemistry of Materials, 2022, 34, 1439-1458.

[Link to paper]

[32]     Lessons learned from FeSb2O4 on stereoactive lone pairs as a design principle for anion insertion

W. Zaheer, G. Agbeworvi, S. Perez-Beltran, J.L. Andrews, Y. Aierken, C. Weiland, C. Jaye, Y.-S. Yu, D.A. Shapiro, S.C. Fakra, D.A. Fischer, J. Guo, D. Prendergast, S. Banerjee

Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021, 2, 100592.

[Link to paper]


[31]     Curvature-induced modification of mechano-electrochemical coupling and nucleation kinetics in a cathode material

J.L. Andrews, P. Stein, D.A. Santos†, C.J. Chalker, L.R. De Jesus, R.D. Davidson, M.A. Gross, M. Pharr, J.D. Batteas, B.-X. Xu, S. Banerjee

Matter, 2020, 3, 1754-1773

[Link to paper]


[30]     Bending-driven alteration of phase segregation patterns in individual cathode particles upon lithiation/delithiation

D.A. Santos, J.L. Andrews, Y. Bai, P. Stein, Y. Luo, Y. Zhang, B.-X. Xu, S. Banerjee

Materials Horizons, 2020, 7, 3275-3290.

[Link to paper]


[29]     Metal-insulator transitions in β′-CuxV2O5 mediated by polaron oscillation and cation shuttling

A. Parija, J.V. Handy, J.L. Andrews, J. Wu, L. Wangoh, S. Singh, C. Jozwiak, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, W. Yang, S.C. Fakra, M. Al-Hashimi, R.S. Williams, G. Sambandamurthy, L.F.J. Piper, D. Prendergast, S. Banerjee

Matter, 2020, 2, 1166-1186.

[Link to paper]


[28]     Enhanced charge storage of nanometric ζ-V2O5 in Mg electrolytes

I.D. Johnson, G. Nolis, L. Yin, H.D. Yoo, P. Parajuli, A. Mukherjee, J.L. Andrews, M. Lopez, R.F. Klie, S. Banerjee, B. Ingram, S.H. Lapidus, J. Cabana, J.A. Darr

Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 22150-22160.

[Link to paper]


[27]     Does water enhance Mg intercalation in oxides? The case of a tunnel framework

M. Lopez, H.D. Yoo, H. Linhua, J.L. Andrews, S. Banerjee, J. Cabana

ACS Energy Letters, 2020, 5, 3357-3361.                                     

[Link to paper]


[26]     An atomic view of cation diffusion pathways from single-crystal topochemical transformations

J.V. Handy, Y. Luo, J.L. Andrews, N. Bhuvanesh, S. Banerjee

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 16385-16392.

[Link to paper]


[25]     Reversible room-temperature fluoride-ion insertion in a tunnel-structured transition metal oxide host

W. Zaheer, J.L. Andrews, A. Parija, F.P. Hyler, C. Jaye, C. Weiland, Y.-S. Yu, D.A. Shapiro, D.A. Fischer, J. Guo, J.M. Velazquez, S. Banerjee

ACS Energy Letters, 2020, 5, 2520-2526.

[Link to paper]


[24]     Building brain-inspired logic circuits from dynamically switchable transition-metal oxides [Review Article]

J.L. Andrews, D.A. Santos, M. Meyyappan, R.S. Williams, S. Banerjee

Trends in Chemistry, 2019, 1, 711-726.

[Link to paper]


[23]     Chemically inert covalently networked triazole-based solid polymer electrolytes for stable all-solid-state lithium batteries

Y. Shi, C. Yang, Y. Liang, J.L. Andrews, D. Hui, Y. Mengying, D. Wenyue, S. Banerjee, A. Halesh, M. Robertson, X. Cui, Y. Yan

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7, 19691-19695.

[Link to paper]


[22]     Synthetic routes to metastable cubic HfO2 and HfV2O7 from the core-shell arrangement of precursors

N.A. Fleer, T. Melonie, J.L. Andrews, G. Waetzig, O. Gonzalez, G.-W. Liu, B. Guiton, S. Banerjee

Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 21354-21363.

[Link to paper]


[21]      Magnesium nanocomposite coatings for protection of a lightweight Al alloy: Modes of corrosion protection, mechanisms of failure

R.D. Davidson, Y. Cubides, J.L. Andrews, C.M. McLain, H. Castaneda, S. Banerjee

Physica Status Solidi a., 2019, 216, 1800817.

[Link to paper]


[20]     The middle road less taken: Electronic-structure-inspired design of hybrid photocatalytic platforms for solar fuel generation [Review Article]

J. Cho, A. Shen, N. Suwandaratne, L. Wangoh, J.L. Andrews, P. Zhang, L.F.J. Piper, D. Watson, S. Banerjee

Accounts of Chemical Research, 2019, 52, 645-655.

[Link to paper]


[19]      Hole extraction by design in photocatalytic architectures interfacing CdSe quantum dots with topochemically-stabilized tin vanadium


J.L. Andrews, J. Cho, L. Wangoh, N. Suwandaratne†, A. Sheng, S. Chauhan, K. Nieto, A. Mohr, K.J. Kadassery, M. Sfeir, D.C. Lacy, T.-L. Lee, P.  Zhang, D.F. Watson, L.F.J. Piper, S. Banerjee

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018, 140, 17163-17174.

[Link to paper]

[18]      Reversible Mg-ion insertion in a metastable one-dimensional polymorph of V2O5

J.L. Andrews, A. Mukherjee, H.D. Yoo, A. Parija, P.M. Marley, S. Fakra, D. Prendergast, J. Cabana, R.F. Klie, S. Banerjee

Chem, 2018, 4, 564

[Link to paper]


[17]      Roadblocks in cation diffusion pathways: Implications of phase boundaries for Li-ion diffusivity in an intercalation cathode material

Y. Luo, L.R. De Jesus, J.L. Andrews, A. Parija, N.A. Fleer, D.J. Robles, P.P. Mukherjee, S. Banerjee

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, 10, 30901-30911.

[Link to paper]


[16]      Traversing energy landscapes away from equilibrium: Strategies for accessing and utilizing metastable phase space [Review Article]

A. Parija, G.R. Waetzig, J.L. Andrews, S. Banerjee

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122, 25709-25728.

[Link to paper]


[15]      Defining diffusion pathways in intercalation cathode materials: Some lessons from V2O5 on directing cation traffic [Review Article]

L.R. De Jesus, J.L. Andrews, A. Parija, S. Banerjee

ACS Energy Letters, 2018, 3, 915-931.

[Link to paper]


[14]     Mapping catalytically relevant edge electronic states of MoS2

A. Parija, Y.-H. Choi, Z. Liu, J.L. Andrews, L.R. De Jesus, S.C. Fakra, M. Al-Hashimi, J.D. Batteas, D. Prendergast, S. Banerjee

ACS Central Science, 2018, 4, 493-503.

[Link to paper]

[13]      Striping modulations and strain gradients within individual particles of a cathode material upon lithiation

L.R. De Jesus, P. Stein, J.L. Andrews, Y. Luo, B.-X. Xu, S. Banerjee

Materials Horizons, 2018, 5, 486-498.

[Link to paper]

[12]      Stabilization of a metastable tunnel-structured orthorhombic phase of VO2 upon iridium doping

E.J. Braham, J.L. Andrews, T.E.G. Alivio, N.A. Fleer, S. Banerjee

Physica Status Solidi a, 2018, 215, 1700884.

[Link to paper]

[11]      Memristive response of a new class of hydrated vanadium oxide intercalation compounds

J.L. Andrews, S. Singh, C. Kilcoyne, P.J. Shamberger, G. Sambandamurthy, S. Banerjee

MRS Communications, 2017, 7, 634–641.

[Link to paper]


[10]      Intercalation-induced dimensional reduction and thickness-modulated electronic structure of a layered ternary vanadium oxide

J.L. Andrews†, L.R. De Jesus, T.M. Tolhurst, P.M. Marley, A. Moewes, S. Banerjee

Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29, 3285–3294.

[Link to paper]


[9]        Mitigating cation diffusion limitations and intercalation-induced framework transitions in a 1D tunnel-structures polymorph of V2O5

G.A. Horrocks, A. Parija, L.R. De Jesus, L. Wangoh, S. Sallis, Y. Luo, J.L. Andrews, J. Jude, C. Jaye, D.A. Fischer, D. Prendergast, L.F.J. Piper, S. Banerjee

Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29, 10386-10397.

[Link to paper]


[7]        X-ray spectroscopy and imaging as multiscale probes of intercalation phenomena in cathode materials

G.A. Horrocks, L.R. De Jesus, J.L. Andrews, S. Banerjee

JOM: Journal of the Materials, Metals & Minerals Society 2017, 69, 1469-1477.

[Link to paper]


[6]        Structure-induced switching of the band gap, charge order, and correlation strength in ternary vanadium oxide bronzes

T.M. Tolhurst, J.L. Andrews, B. Leedahl, P.M. Marley, S. Banerjee, A. Moewes

Chemistry – A European Journal, 2017, 23, 9846-9856.

[Link to paper]

[5]        The electronic structure of ε′-V2O5: an expanded band gap in a double-layered polymorph with increased interlayer separation

T.M. Tolhurst, B. Leedahl, J.L. Andrews, S. Banerjee, A. Moewes

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5, 23694-23703.

[Link to paper]


[4]        Lithiation across interconnected V2O5 nanoparticle networks

L.R. De Jesus, Y. Zhao, G.A. Horrocks, J.L. Andrews, P. Stein, B.-X. Xu, S. Banerjee

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5, 20141-20152.

[Link to paper]


[3]        Topochemically de-intercalated phases of V2O5 as cathode materials for multivalent intercalation batteries: A first-principles evaluation

A. Parija, Y. Liang, J.L. Andrews, L.R. De Jesus, D. Prendergast, S. Banerjee

Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28, 5611-5620.

[Link to paper]


[2]        Contrasting 1D tunnel-structured and 2D layered polymorphs of V2O5: relating crystal structure and bonding to band gaps and electronic


T.M. Tolhurst, B. Leedahl, J.L. Andrews, P.M. Marley, S. Banerjee, A. Moewes

Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, 2016, 18, 15798-15806.

[Link to paper]


[1]        Hybrid nanostructured coatings for corrosion protection of base metals: A sustainability perspective

R.V. Dennis, V. Patil, J.L. Andrews, J.P. Aldinger, G.D. Yadav, S. Banerjee

Materials Research Express, 2015, 2, 032001.

[Link to paper]

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