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Thank you for your interest in the Andrews Research Lab! We endeavor to make the Andrews Lab an exciting place to continue your professional development as both a researcher and a leader/mentor. As a PI, I believe that postdoctoral scholars have a lot to learn from working in a new academic environment but also have unique skills, expertise, and life experiences to offer the new team! Working at Purdue—a top-ranked public research universityprovides numerous opportunities for collaboration, professional growth, and continued career opportunities. West Lafayette, IN is an exceptionally affordable place to live (12% below the national cost of living average average), allowing each of us to focus on the science! 

Now Hiring!

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We are now accepting applications from passionate and qualified postdoctoral researchers. Interested candidates should email Dr. Andrews directly at and attach a formal application package (if possible, as a single .pdf document) which includes the following:

  • A cover letter briefly describing what interests you about the group—Be sure to highlight what skills you hope to learn while working in the lab and what unique skills you might introduce to the lab during your studies

  • An updated/current curriculum vitae (CV) including a complete list of publicationsPlease highlight in red one or two publications that you believe made the biggest impact in your field

  • A one-page summary discussing your past/current research accomplishments and potential research interests in the Andrews Research Lab (i.e., which projects you might be most interested in)

  • The name, phone number, and email address for two professional references—Your references will only be contacted if we mutually decide to move forward with a brief virtual interview)

  • If you have not yet defended, please state in the cover letter an expected defense date and  your timeline for beginning a potential position

Come be our colleague at Purdue!

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