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Check in soon for more Andrews Research Lab news!

Nov. 16, 2023

First official group meeting as a group!

Nov. 10, 2023

The Andrews Research Lab welcomes first year students Emmanuel Adeniyi (Inorganic), Noah Davis (Inorganic), Aldan Dye (Materials), Avinash Kiran (Materials), Kaixin Wu (Inorganic) and second year student Audrey Bonds (Inorganic) to the group! We are all excited to start working together on our projects!

Nov. 8, 2023

Justin gives a seminar at the Purdue student ECS chapter MoChA seminar series and becomes a faculty advisor to the student chapter. 

Aug. 22, 2023

The Andrews Research Lab welcomes undergraduates Jad (sophomore, biology major), Stephen (sophomore, chemistry major), and Joel (freshman, chemistry major)

Aug. 15, 2023

The Andrews Research Lab joins the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University. We are so excited to get started! 

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